'How to' videos

To watch the following 'How to...' video guides, just click the play button in the centre of the video. You can then use the controls to enhance your viewing (play, pause, volume up and down, switch to full screen etc). These videos are also available to watch in full HD on YouTube here!

The Stitch Library

Build up your stich knowledge with this comprehensive collection of individual stitches. A great reference library!

Goldwork videos

Learn all about the wonderful world of goldwork embroidery in these sets of videos!

Miscellaneous videos

Visit here for all those other useful videos; how to frame up, all about needles, design transfer...

Ribbonwork videos

Learn all about the beautiful art of ribbonwork in these videos. Once you've started, you won't be able to stop!

Blackwork videos

This set of blackwork videos will guide you through this striking traditional technique step by step.

Example image

Got a knot you can't get rid of? Broken a thread at that vital moment? Head to our stitch surgery!

Tambour embroidery videos

Caroline is our resident tambour expert. Click below to learn everything about this unique technique.

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Deserving of a section all of it's own, learn all about this counted technique with a comprehensive library of stitches to boot!

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Ready for a bit more of a challenge? Try one of Sarah's projects!

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Add some sparkle and texture to your work by adding beads! Learn how with this set of videos.