Video Embroidery Courses

Not able to come to a class? Want more than a kit? Then Sarah's video courses are just for you! Courses will offer unique exquisite projects designed in their entirety by Sarah, good quality materials and step by step comprehensive video instructions  You can take a class wherever you are in the world!

Please note: 'Spring' and 'Love Sin and Morality' were previously Distance Learning kits that have now been converted into video kits but with the same high quality materials and the same number of video hours as before.

Current courses available

'Love, Sin and Morality'

This is a traditional hand embroidery project inspired by the work of the great William Morris and his complex relationship with his wife Jane (more on this when you sign up!). Taught to you by Sarah, this project covers some of the fundamental stitches of hand embroidery as well as an introduction to crewelwork, silk shading and goldwork techniques.

The course consists of nine lessons spread over 18 videos in HD video format (over 7 hours in total), accompanied by a written instruction book showing how to work the project exactly as it is shown above.

Enrol on the 'Love, Sin and Morality' course here


This is a focused look at Jacobean crewelwork embroidery in this beautiful 'Spring' inspired design by Sarah. Lessons are in HD video format with Sarah (over 7 hours of HD video in total!). Included in the price is your materials pack with printed fabric, Madeira Lana threads, needles and accompanying instruction book (you will just need a ring frame, but you can get one with your pack if you don't have one!),

How it works

Learning is by HD video which will be viewed on our special video pages (you will need a customer account for secure login which you can set up when you purchase your course). The videos are accompanied by a written instruction book split into lessons to coincide with the videos. The book backs up the videos with information on materials needed for the lessons, stitch diagrams and hints and tips; you will need both the video instructions and the book to complete the course. The whole of each project is covered in the videos and some lessons are split into individual parts so you can easily find where you are and move between lessons. Pause, stop and restart at your convenience! All of the videos for your chosen course will be online ready for you to watch as soon as you have enrolled and will be available to you for the length of time specified in each course from the time you enrol, enabling you to work at your own pace and fit this project into your life in a timescale that suits you.

You will receive a very high quality materials and equipment pack for your chosen project (see FAQ below, 'Do I need any specialist equipment?'); the only extra thing you need is a pair of embroidery scissors and if you wish to frame your piece the way Sarah has, a flexi hoop display frame. Check the individual courses for any optional extras (in some courses the embroidery hoops are optional as many stitchers already have one of these). Hoops, stretcher bars and display frames are are available from the online shop here.

There is a one off fee to enrol on each course (see individual course details for these) and you can pay by bank transfer (UK and international options), cheque (in GBP only) or using your credit/debit card via the PayPal or Create payment gateway in our online shop. We offer free postage for those living in the UK and discounted postage for all other destinations with tracking options for many destinations. Upon receipt of payment your course materials will be sent out to you promptly and your access to the videos will be activated so you can start watching right away! Please note, this fee is per person and it is not possible to purchase extra materials packs; the fee pays for Sarah's tuition, materials, the many hours of video content and editing and the written accompanying instruction booklet


What is a video course?

This is a fabulous way to learn if you are unable to get to, or don’t have, any classes near to you but would still like the opportunity to learn a new skill or brush up on your current skills. You will be taught by Sarah via video lessons allowing you to see exactly how each stitch is formed and how to apply it to your project; no more trying to understand what the instructions mean!

What courses are available?

See above for courses currently on offer. All pieces are designed, stitched and taught by Sarah.

Who teaches the courses?

Your course is led by professional embroiderer Sarah Homfray. Sarah trained on the three year Royal School of Needlework apprenticeship gaining a diploma in Hand embroidery with distinction. She went on to gain a teaching certificate with North Kent College and Greenwich University and has a wealth of experience teaching embroidery at home and abroad since graduating in 2006. To read more about Sarah, click here.

Who are the courses aimed at?

Anyone wishing to learn the art of hand embroidery or brush up on their hand embroidery skills under the guidance of a professional hand embroiderer wherever you are in the world! These are also a great way to take the next step in your embroidery journey and push yourself a little bit further under the calm and encouraging guidance of Sarah!

What ability level are the courses aimed at?

Check the detailed course information above for the level of the course.

Do I need any computer skills?

We have tried to keep computer interaction as minimal as possible (this is an embroidery course after all!), but to be able to offer this to students wherever they are in the world, it’s inevitable that some computer knowledge will be needed. You will need only basic computer skills which you already have as you are reading this page! You will need an e-mail address in order to purchase the project online. The videos are available to watch on the website for which you will need a customer account which you can set up when you purchase your class (if you have bought from us before you may already have one) or we can provide a login for you. You can view the videos on a computer, tablet or phone but a large screen is recommended for the optimum viewing experience. Only those who have paid for the class will be given access to view the videos. Any problems with the technical aspects of this course, please contact here. (If you joined a distance learning class before 20th June 2018 you can continue to view your videos on YouTube with your Google/YouTube login or view them on the website.)

What format are the courses taught in?

The courses are taught by Sarah in a set of detailed HD videos, available to watch right here on the website. There is an accompanying written instruction booklet with colour stitch diagrams, notes and information. You will need both of these to work the project.

Do I need any special equipment to do the course?

A high quality materials pack is provided containing everything you need for the projects other than a sharp pair of embroidery scissors which are available from the shop here if you don't have any. There is an option to buy an inexpensive frame to frame your piece at the end if you want to and occaisionally you may need to purchase a ring frame if you haven't got one (check individual course details for this).

How much does the course cost and what do I get for my money?

See individual courses for prices. For the price you will get tutoring from a Royal School of Needlework trained embroiderer (apprenticeship graduate) and fully qualified teacher with 15+ years of teaching experience.

A high quality materials pack containing everything you need, including screen printed original design by Sarah, all your threads cut to length and threaded onto a project thread card or bagged and labelled, needles, other materials specific to each project and a high quality photograph of the finished project for your reference. All in a presentation box.

A beautiful original design to work designed by Sarah.

Hours of HD video tuition of the whole project and accompanying printed instructions.

How many places are there on the courses and when do they run?

If there are materials packs available in the shop then there are places available! As soon as you have signed up to the course, your materials pack will be sent out to you along with access to the videos so that you can get going! Videos are now available for as long as you want them!

Can I try before I buy?

There are lots of free videos on Sarah’s YouTube channel for you to have a go at before you commit to the course! Try some single stitches, or buy one of Sarah’s goldwork material packs and have a go at the 'Daisy' project or the 'Copper Petals' project. The latter is a good sample of the kind of video tuition you will receive on the projects. Don’t forget to watch full screen for the best HD picture!

How long will it take me to do the course?

You are given as much time as you need to work your chosen course but Sarah believes strongly in the importance of finishing a project in order to learn and feel that wonderful sense of achievement so she will encourage you to finish in a reasonable time. Try to allow yourself regular set times to work on the project whether it's half an hour here or there or one day every few weeks, whatever you are able to do that fits into your life.

Is my work marked?

These courses no longer come with written feedback but do feel free to share on social media and tag Sarah Homfray Embroidery and Sarah will be happy to have a look!

Do I get a qualification?

This course is not currently accredited to an official education body.

Can I work this project with a friend?

The more the merrier and working with a friend will inspire you both to stitch! Please note though, that the videos can’t be shared; each student wishing to work this design will need to sign up through the website and pay the total fee to get their materials pack and access to the videos. Please respect Sarah’s copyright and the many hours of work that goes into creating each course by not sharing the courses around. Again there are lots of free videos on YouTube for everyone to have a go at.

Why should I sign up for one of these courses?

The chance to learn from a qualified and experienced professional Royal School of Needlework apprenticeship trained embroiderer and teacher.

High quality materials pack with everything you need to work the projects.

Projects designed with completion in mind

Full HD video instruction covering the whole project.

No waiting times; enrol when you like, start as soon as your materials pack arrives and take the lessons whenever it is convenient for you.