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  1. I love learning process and let's face it there is always something new to learn! I spent several months travelling around India and Asia some years ago now, and ever since then I have loved the bright colours, gold, beads, sequins and mirrors that adorn much Indian embroidery. I am currently looking into this further and decided to try and teach myself some new stitches. Here are some samples of my effforts...

    The first is Kutch stitch which involves working a herringbone type structure then weaving another thread in and out of this. I tried some simples ones first then jumped straight into something a bit more complicated!:

    Kutch stitch

          Kutch Stitch 2

    I think technically you are supposed to weave around the whole grid with one thread without taking it to the back. I think my first attempt may have been a bit ambitious but I think I have gotten away with it!

    The other stitch is herringbone circles:

    Herringbone circles

    This stitch was taught to me by embroiderer Surjeet Hussain, a few years ago now when I spent a day with her as part of my apprenticeship training. As well as embroidery, she paints miniature paintings and is also a musician. I was very humbled by her many talents. Like I said, always something new to learn.

    You can see some shisha mirrors in the background, more on these later!   

  2. This is the next offering from my peg doll kit collection...embroider your own! This one escaped into the garden before I could stop her, I found her taking a walk amongst the flowers...

    Peggy in the garden      Pansy Peggie

    The kits will include everything you need to make this little doll including printed cotton fabric, Zweigart 25ct fabric, embroidery threads, felt, pipecleaner, waterslide decal face, beads and sequins and full instructions. They are suitable for beginners and are available in various colour ways from my shop.

  3. So, in case you hadn't heard, Kates dress goes on display today at Buckingham Palace (you can see it and the state rooms of BP for a whopping £17.50!). Still not sure how much you will be able to see as you don't seem to be able to get very close, but it does look stunning in a rather exceptional setting:

    Kates dress on display     Kates shoes

    Apparently the Queen was heard to say she thought the lack of a head was spooky (images of the invisible man does spring to mind!) and she does in fact use the words horrid and horrible (it's at this point I feel very sorry for the person responsible for the mannequin)! You can see her doing just that here:

    Poor Kate, she obviously has to behave but it led me to wonder what she would really like to have said...

    Queen and Kate

    I will let you add your own caption!!!

  4. Lots of new stuff in the shop!

    Poppy kit contents

    Silk shaded poppy kit (see left)

    More needle sizes



    Shisha mirrors in various shapes and sizes

    Tracing paper packs for 'Prick and Pounce' design transfer method



    By the way, the alien plant life question has been answered; not infact alien at all, but Cyclamen seed heads!

  5. This post is nothing to do with art or embroidery (unless, of course I wanted to paint or stitch this!), but we found these weird plants in the garden the other day. They are disguised as stones! Keeping an eye on them to see what they do, but if anyone has any ideas as to what they might be, do let me know.

    Alien plants

    Having said that, the stones are great colours, this would make a good canvaswork or applique piece. You never know where inspiration will spring up from...