Goldwork Videos

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Broad Plate & Plate Ribbon

 Introduction to Broad Plate


Filling in solid shapes


Applying over felt padding


String padding

Plate ribbon over string padding

 More Goldwork

Illuminated letter



Gold Bird Part 1


Gold Bird Part 2


Overstretched Pearl Purl


 The Goldwork Daisy

Part 1 - Intro & felt padding

Part 2 - Applying Pearl Purl

Part 3 - Bright Check Purl chips

Part 4 - Couching gold threads


Part 5 - Cutwork



 Copper Petals

Part 1 - Applying leather


Part 2 - Couching Gilt Twist


Part 3 - Bright Check Purl looped chips

Part 4 - Spangles & Sequins


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