Goldwork embroidery videos

Intrigued by this fascinating and historical technique? Learn all about the materials and techniques used, have a go at a project yourself or just sit back and watch Sarah do the stitching!

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Materials and equipment

Goldwork threads explained!

Goldwork equipment explained

Beginners goldwork project

Have a go at your first piece of goldwork here

The basic techniques in more detail ~ Golden Daisy project ~

Intro and felt padding

Applying pearl purl

Bright check purl chips

Couching Japanese thread

Basic Cutwork

Further techniques ~ Copper Petals project ~

Applying leather

Couching twist

Spangles and sequins

Advanced techniques

String padding

Shaped string padding

Cutwork over padding

Miscellaneous goldwork techniques

Overstretched pearl purl

Cutwork around beads

Couched goldwork lettering

Broad plate and plate ribbon techniques

Intro to Broad Plate

Filling in Solid shapes

Applying plate over felt padding

Plate ribbon over string padding


Illuminated letter

Goldwork Butterfly project