The 'Stitching around the world' Project

Stitching around the world in Lockdown - Number 3

 Welcome to the third and final Lockdown video! Thank you to Carolyn, Brenda, Truus, Lucy & family, El, Lori, Natalie, Cheyenne, Joan, Jean, Jane, and Gautam who sent in videos of their projects, contining to keep us united!

Stitching around the world in Lockdown - Number 2

 Welcome to the second Lockdown video! Thank you to Donna, Barbara, Amanda, Cheyenne, Sandra, Kathy, Joni, Angela & Sandra who sent in videos of the fantastic projects they are working on, helping to continue uniting stitchers wherever they are in the world during lockdown. 

Stitching around the world in Lockdown - Number 1

 Here is the result of our call to stitchers around the world! Thank you to Kim, Angela, Stephanie, Caroline, Gautam & Hema, Linda, Karen, Shannon, Luisa, Jane, Donna, Sandra & Michael, Hazel, Linda, Maura, Gracie, Claire and Patricia who sent in videos of their wonderful projects, helping us unite stitchers wherever they are during lockdown. 

Calling all stitchers around the world!

We are making another video! Our first lockdown videos were very successful and inspiring so as the holiday season approaches we thought we would make another one! Send us a video of the project you are working on and we will compile them into one video (or maybe more if we get loads!) and upload onto YouTube. Something seasonal would be great (however you celebrate this time of year!), but if it's for someone else and you don't want to spoil the suprise, then just say its a present and we won't put it up before December 25th!

The deadline for getting your videos to us is midnight Tuesday 22nd December (we are Greenwich Mean Time!). 

Instructions on how to join in and the link to send your videos to us are below!

This is how to join in:

  • Make a video no longer than one minute long (on your mobile/cell phone is fine) in LANDSCAPE FORMAT - see below.
  • In your video tell us who you are and where you are in the world (you can just give your first name and country if you want to). 
    • 'Hi my name is Sarah, I'm in Nottinghamshire in England...'
    • '¡Hola! Me llamo María y estoy en Madrid en España...'
  • Show us the project you are working on and give a brief explanation of what it is and why you are stitching it; anything you're working on that involves a needle & thread!
  • Click on the link below to upload your video and send it to us, we'll do the rest!
  • Stay calm and carry on stitching!

Once we have received enough we will edit them together and upload to our YouTube Channel here (subscribe and click the bell to get a notification). 

Sample format

Please send your videos in landscape format, not portrait, or we may not be able to include your lovely stitching!

How to make a video!

Follow these instructions for how to make your video on your smart phone:

  • Open the camera on your phone. This is a little camera image, something along the lines of the one in the first image below.
  • Once you have opened up the camera there will be another image that looks like a video, tap on this (you may notice the screen format change), see image 2 below.
  • If you only have one camera on your phone then, making sure it is in landscape format, point it at your work and press the big (usually red!) record button to start filming. A timer will appear to tell you that the video is recording. Press the same button to stop the recording once you have finished. See image 3 below. We can do any editing required so don't worry if the start and finish isn't quite how you would like!
  • If you have a front facing camera as well as one on the back you can use this one so we can see you! You need to switch to this camera; this image is usually a camera with some arrows on it, see image 4 below.  Once it has switched to the front camera you should be able to see yourself on the screen! You can prop the phone up against something so it's nice and steady while you record. You can then repeat the instructions above to make your video.
  • Once you have finished the recording the video will save to a video file.
  • Click on the 'SEND YOUR VIDEO HERE' link above. You are then asked to choose your file. A list of places where you video will be will appear so choose the video section on your phone and click on the video you just made (if you aren't sure where it is, try FILES, see image 5 below).
  • The video will appear as a link in the box, see image 6 below.
  • Dropbox asks you for you name and email; this is so they can ask you if you would like to sign up to Dropbox once you have finished but you can just say no (it is free if you are interested)! Click UPLOAD and you are all done!