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This is your resource! Here you will find free designs for you to stitch and information sheets for you to download. More will be added regularly!

Sarah is happy for you to use her designs for your own personal use but not for any commercial use please without Sarah’s permission (e.g. selling it on, teaching, selling the finished embroidery etc.)

Goldwork metals and threads information sheet.

This info sheet gives you lots of information about all of the main goldwork threads and metals used in goldwork embroidery including accurate sizes, finishes and guidance on when to use each type of thread. Click the image or this link:

Current version: Version 3 2019

Free designs

5 simple Jacobean Embroidery designs

Download the designs and follow the video here to stitch all of them using just 5 stitches!

Green Man design

The paper templates to make the Green Man project, in two sizes! See the video here

Five flower spray designs

Mix and match yor stitches to make these simple beautiful flower sprays! See the video on these flowers here

Tree templates

A set of 5 templates to stitch trees! See the video on this project here. To see a 6th tree, join our Patreon or YouTube Channel members page!

Heart templates

A set of templates to make heart shaped embroideries! See the video on how to use these here.

Flower design for quilters

Stitch this design as it is or why not try adding embroidery to a quilt and work it on a quilt block? See the video here

Beaded Jacobean flower design

Download this design and have a go at some bead embroidery! Watch the video here to see 10 ways to sew down beads

Silk shaded Mushrooms

Practice your silk shading techniques with this mushroom design. For a indepth explanation, watch the video here

Beaded mandala

Stitch this little mandala design in stitch, beads and sequins! See the video on this project here

'Sew' embroidery design

Sew this 'sew' embroidery here! Download the design below and see the video on this project here

5 silk ribbon flowers

Stitch these beautiful silk ribbon embroidery flowers! Download the design below and watch the video here

Fennel design

Download this simple fennel design to add to your embroidery projects! See the video here

Flower Bouquet

Stitch this lovely flower bouquet! Download the design for transfer below and watch the video here

10 embroidered flowers

Stitch these 10 flowers along with me. Watch the video here

Algerian Font Alphabet

26 letters and 10 numbers for you to embroider! See the video on how to stitch them here!

Tropical bird

Stitch this design in any technique or try out some fabric paint as I have done in my video here!

Seashells design

Seashells outline design. See the video of this project here for some stitch ideas!

Teddy Bear Picnic pattern pieces

Templates for making the needlelace Teddy Bear picnic design. See the video here

Teddy bear outline design

Interpret this design in any stitches or technique you like or follow along with my Needle lace video here to practice some different stitches:

Stumpwork dragonfly

Templates, backgrounds and materials list for the stumpwork dragonfly project. See the videos here

Colourful cross stitch heart

Have a play with colour! This is my gold thread design re-worked in colour, download and have a go and see the video about this project here!

Creative goldwork rose design

Have fun with your goldwork threads and metals ad make this gorgeous rose! See the accompanying video here

Flower pot appliqué design

Print off this sheet of pattern pieces and work the flower and plant pot along with my 'Essential guide to appliqué for beginners' video here

Golden Heart cross stitch design

Inspired by a border design by Thérèse de Dillmont, stitch this beautiful cross sttich chart design or use the blank chart and have a go at your own version!

Snail and Toadstool design

Use this design to practice your stitches on or interpret in your own way! See the accompanying video to this piece here

Cactus design - 5 plants to stitch!

Mix and match the plants and pots to make your own designs! Download all the templates below and see the accompanying video here.


Have a go at choosing some of your own stitches on this design (or just use mine!). Click here to see the accompanying video.

Wheat Ear design

Have a go at this Wheat Ear design inspired by my Coronation Goldwork embroidery 'Peace and Plenty'! See our Goldwork playlist on YouTube here

Silk Mandala design

Test your stitching skills on this intricate mandala! Channel Members and Patrons can see me working this project in silk threads on the Members community page and on Patreon!

'Time for Tea!' design

A cute little design for you to work any way you like! You can see me working this project in linen threads here.

Owls in Oak design

Have fun working this cute little design in any technique/stitches/threads you like!

Five flowers sampler

Use this pdf along with the video here to learn how to stitch these five easy flowers with just a few simple stitches!

Sweetheart Sweet Pea design

Have a go at this lovely little sweetpea heart design! Watch the video here to see Sarah test out some different threads

Pin cushion

Use this instruction and template pdf along with this video here to make your pin cushion!. Buy your wooden bowl from the shop here.

Acorn and oakleaf

A quick little design that can be worked in any technique! Watch the video on how to tansfer this design in five different ways here

  • IMG_20210428_165221908.jpg
  • Leaves image

Leaf sampler

Make your own leaf sampler or design your own from the selection of leaves! The download includes a list of materials that I used but experiment with materials from your stash. Watch the video on this project here

  • IMG_20210413_131237238_PORTRAIT.jpg
  • Lavender spray image

L for Lavender

Great for beginners or just if you want to work a small quick project! The download includes a list of all the materials that you will need.

  • IMG_20210327_105433358.jpg
  • Easter Egg shapes

Easter egg templates

Decorate your own easter eggs! Download the egg shapes and watch the video here for some easy medium and hard (boiled!) embroidered egg patterns! Download also includes all of the stitches and materials that I used in the video.

  • Red ribbon heart 1.jpg
  • Ribbon rose download image

Ribbon rose heart

This is a lovely one if you want to get into silk ribbon embroidery or just to stitch for a loved one in your life! Watch the video of this project on YouTube here.

  • IMG_20210115_155624251_PORTRAIT.jpg
  • Winter wonderland design thumbnail

Winter Wonderland

A seasonal design to celebrate an English winter with plants found on my local walks. Great for beginners as well as those who just love this design! See me stitch this design on YouTube here.

  • IMG_20201211_160002214.jpg
  • Wreath of roses design jpeg

Wreath of Roses

This design is great for those just starting out in embroidery or for anyone who loves embroidery in it's purest form! Follow my video here on YouTube and stitch your own beautiful wreath of roses...

  • IMG_20200903_151327675~2.jpg
  • Elephant download image

Indian Elephant design

Have a go at this design from VLOG number four! Follow my suggested stitch plan or design your own!

  • IMG_20200703_114213735~2.jpg
  • kite desgin image 2

let's go fly a kite!

The perfect design for goldwork beginners but you can stitch any way you like!

'Let's go fly a kite' lettering

Add some lettering to your kite embroidery! 3 sizes available.

Seashore wreck project

Have a go at Caroline Homfray's Shipwreck inspired embroidery! Download the design here and follow the links for the materials she used.

Visit Caroline's website to see more of her work here:

Palace Script Alphabet

Have a go at stitching some lettering! Print off this alphabet and trace the letters off you like, ready for stitching!

  • IMG_20210112_115823102~2
  • Deer web image

Silver Spangled Deer

Print off to trace the design. Also includes a stitch plan and materials list. See videos on all of the techniques suggested in the stitch plan here! Suitable for beginners.

New design coming!

Peacock (simple)

This lovely little peacock design is perfect for beginners or for those wanting a small project to work on! Choose from three sizes and check out our three videos for some ideas on how to stitch them here!

  • IMG_20200304_093209745
  • Beginners butterfly download image

Beginner's butterfly

Work along with our Beginner's Embroidery videos! Print off to trace the design. Also includes a stitch plan and materials and equipment list. See the videos here.

  • IMG_20190611_105449030
  • Littel Egret pdf image

Little Egret

Stitch this little Egret in it's entirety! This download includes instructions to stitch this entire project. Check out our accompanying video too on the 'How to...' page here.

  • IMG_20210426_100733667
  • IMG_20190711_104540537

Daisy design

Simple but so versatile, this design can be stitched in blackwork, goldwork, as a stitch sampler....

Please note, this is an outline design only.

Flower design

Stitch in freestyle embroidery, blackwork, goldwork, the choice is yours! Please note, this an outline design only.

To stitch in goldwork, see the videos here!

Toadstool trio

These cute little toadstools are so versatile! Stitch the trio or make a whole forest of them! Please note, this is an outline design only.

Flower Spray

Choose from two sizes! Great for practicing your stitching on or trying out a new technique. Please note, this is an outline desgin only.

Seahorse Design

Seahorse design

Test your sewing skills on this little seahorse! Please note, this is an outline design only.

Aquilegia Design

Aquilegia flower

Stitch this lovely Aquilegia flower, outline or go all out and silk shade! Please note this is an outline design only.

Information sheets

Satin stitch - the technical stuff!

A free information sheet on some technical aspects of satin stitch and how you can make it look neater!

Shisha stitch worksheet

Shisha worksheet

A helpful reminder on how to stitch on your shisha mirrors! check out our Shisha mirror videos too here

Caroline's beginner's tambour worksheet

Beginner's Tambour worksheet

This Beginner's Tambour worksheet is kindly provided by our resident Tambour expert Caroline Homfray and contains all those useful little things you need to get going! Check out Caroline's extensive set of videos on this subject here.

Goldwork Daisy padding templates

Golden Daisy padding templates

Use these templates to stitch your YouTube Golden Daisy project

Colour terminology guide

A guide to the terminology used in colour theory. Use alongside the video 'Essential guide to colour for embroidery'!

5cm box measurements

5cm box measurements

If you've taken my box making lass and want to make another box, then here are the measurements!

'Beads' lettering template

'Bead' lettering templates

To add more items to this collection, click the + button that appears to the right of the final item when hovering your mouse over this block.

Stem stitch V Outline stitch

Stem stitch V outline stitch!

Confused about which stitch is which? Download this for all the information on these two stitches!