Goldwork Videos old

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Threads, metals & equipment explained!
Broad Plate & Plate Ribbon

 Introduction to Broad Plate


Filling in solid shapes


Applying over felt padding


String padding

Plate ribbon over string padding

 More Goldwork

String padding 


Shaped String Padding


Cutwork Over Padding



Illuminated letter



Gold Bird Part 1


Gold Bird Part 2


Overstretched Pearl Purl


 The Goldwork Daisy

Part 1 - Intro & felt padding

Part 2 - Applying Pearl Purl

Part 3 - Bright Check Purl chips

Part 4 - Couching gold threads


Part 5 - Cutwork



 Copper Petals

Part 1 - Applying leather


Part 2 - Couching Gilt Twist


Part 3 - Bright Check Purl looped chips

Part 4 - Spangles & Sequins


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