The Stitch Library

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5 outline stitches  


5 Letter stitches - Full version


5 Letter stitches - Express version 


Applying sequins


Lettering with Beads 


Lettering with Knots 


Long & Short Blanket stitch


 Underside Couching

Applying seed beads


 Blanket & Buttonhole stitches



Whipped Blanket stitch


Back-to-Back Blanket stitch


 Silk Shading - Long & Short stitch


 Silk Shading the Pansy - Part 2


Straight Shaded Satin stitch 


Trellis stitch

Trellis Pattern #1

Trellis Pattern #2

Trellis Pattern #3


Trellis Pattern #4


Trellis pattern #5


Trellis Pattern #6


 Trellis Pattern #7

Trellis Pattern #8 

Overstretched Pearl Purl


Detached Chain & Lazy Daisy


Bullion Knots


Woven Wheels 


 Buttonhole Wheels

Whipped Wheels

Cross stitch


Upright Cross stitch

Pistil stitch


Seeding stitch

Star stitch

Eyelet stitch

Star stitch

Chain stitch

Raised Stem Band stitch

Fly stitch

Rope stitch

Coral stitch

Shisha stich part 1

Shisha stitch part 2

Trailing  stitch

Pekinese stitch

Back stitch & Whipped Back stitch

Scroll stitch

Running stitch, whipped & woven

Stem stitch & Outline stitch

Split stitch

Turkey Rug stitch

French Knots

Colonial Knots





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