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 To watch the following 'How to...' video guides, just click on the play button in the centre of the video. You can then use the controls to enhance your viewing:


Controls: to watch in full screen, click the broken rectangle on the right hand side. Play/pause the video, control the volume with the buttons on the left. If you watch at 'fullscreen' you will be able to elect to watch in full HD by clicking on the 'settings' icon.

Please note, these videos are also available to watch in full HD on my YouTube channel 

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'The Stitch Library'

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Goldwork video image

Goldwork videos

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Youtube hoop frame image

Misc embroidery videos

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ribbon berry vase

Ribbonwork videos

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black and gold petals 1

Blackwork Videos

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 Scissor keep, Yellow - Felt & hand embroidery

 The Stitch Surgery

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 Carolines tambour work

  Tambour videos

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Canvaswork Pond Garden 

 Canvas and Needlepoint videos

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  Holly blue large

 Embroidery projects

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