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Madeira Lana is a beautiful 2 ply embroidery thread made from 50% wool and 50% acrylic fibres, with the characteristics and appearance of pure wool. 

It is perfect for crewelwork projects and because of its acrylic content it is stronger than traditional crewel wools. It is finer than Appletons wool, so double it up if you want a thicker thread.

It comes in 25m skeins of originally 79 beautiful colours plus 10 variegated versions (new colours in, see below!) and we have the whole range in stock; search by number or by colourway!

Please note: colours may vary from as they appear on screen

lana 3919 to 3811   lana 3723 to 3980   lana 3842 to 3830   lana 3909 to 3892   

lana 3645 to 3898   lana 3707 to 3829   lana 3908 to 3643   lana 3755 to 3781

Variegated range:

lana variegated range


3415, 3737, 3458, 3717


Use an crewel needle number 7 with this thread.


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