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  1. The petals changed quite quickly but I managed to record them a couple of times as they turne Petals failingd...

    Petals almost over 

    I think their shapes are more interesting as they curl up and dry out. The colours have also gone darker but the tones have stayed. They will stay like this now so this is a good source from which to work an embroidery. Working directly from a source rather than a photograph of the source will make your work much more dynamic and unique.


  2. I have just been out doing a bit of weeding in the garden and picked up these fallen parrot tulip petals. It's tempting to look at flowers for inspiration only when they are at their best but they often do more intersting things as they start to fade and dry out and curl up. 
      Tulip petal 1 Tulip petal 2 Tulip petals - group
    I shall keep an eye on them and post more photos to record their change. I might even record them in silk shading (as if I didn't have enough of that to do for the upcoming book!)
  3. Knitting has enjoyed a revival in recent years, but this postcard made me smile:-

    Knitting for the RAF
    I can't really see this happening today, but wouldn't it be great? I love the spirit of the 40's, everyone joined in and even if all you could offer was something knitted you could still contribute.
  4. I thought I would start a new thread on my new website based blog (I'm still going on blogger: ) with some new threads of the textile variety!
    I ordered in some floss silks for some of the projects for the silk shading book I'm working on ('Essential Guide to Silk Shading' to be published by Search Press, April 2011 all being well).
    Problem is, they look so nice I don't want to take them out of the packet!

    Silk floss

    I think at just over £1 for 80 metres, they are excellent value. Not looking forward to working with them though, will have to make sure my skin is nice and smooth....