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Well I've just returned from 2 weeks in the USA where I went to Oregon to teach embroidery.

Oranges in Stumpwork This is the project we worked inspired by an oil pastel study I worked when in Cyprus studying for my Diploma in Art. Everyone embraced my suggestion of painted backgrounds and all without exception did a wonderful job if their summer Cyprus skies!

The oranges are worked on 24 count canvas in 3 colours of orange (keep an eye on my shop for orange smelling scented threads, coming soon!) and the leaves were worked on silk in both-sides-alike fly stitch.

As always, all the students personalised their pieces (I always encourage this and they never let me down!) and we had lemons, apples and pomegranites going on!

If anyone from the Portland class is reading this and would like to share their finished piece (hint hint) please e-mail me!


Joining me were Lois (not pictured), Sharon, Jeri, Joan, Paula, Pat, Mary Jean, Pat and Lori. Thanks to all for a great week and to Lori H for inviting me back again and again!

More on my USA trip to follow...