What scissors?

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ScissorsI was tidying up my work area as I do occasionally, and I put eight pairs of scissors into a scissor block meant for 3 pairs! You will always help yourself if you have the right tools for the job, and scissors are one of those important but often overlooked tools of the needleworker.
I have scissors for fabric, scissors for paper, pinking shears, embroidery scissors, goldwork scissors, small craft scissors and spares that I'm not sure what they are for anymore!
It also made an interesting installation...

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  1. Sarah

    When you try to get a pair out, they all fall out...good idea about drilling the extra holes!

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  2. Caroline

    You will help yourself even more if you get a scissor block with sufficient holes for all your tools! What happens when you try to get a pair out? I drilled extra holes in mine for my seam ripper and fine embroidery scissors.

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