Some new stitches

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I love learning process and let's face it there is always something new to learn! I spent several months travelling around India and Asia some years ago now, and ever since then I have loved the bright colours, gold, beads, sequins and mirrors that adorn much Indian embroidery. I am currently looking into this further and decided to try and teach myself some new stitches. Here are some samples of my effforts...

The first is Kutch stitch which involves working a herringbone type structure then weaving another thread in and out of this. I tried some simples ones first then jumped straight into something a bit more complicated!:

Kutch stitch

      Kutch Stitch 2

I think technically you are supposed to weave around the whole grid with one thread without taking it to the back. I think my first attempt may have been a bit ambitious but I think I have gotten away with it!

The other stitch is herringbone circles:

Herringbone circles

This stitch was taught to me by embroiderer Surjeet Hussain, a few years ago now when I spent a day with her as part of my apprenticeship training. As well as embroidery, she paints miniature paintings and is also a musician. I was very humbled by her many talents. Like I said, always something new to learn.

You can see some shisha mirrors in the background, more on these later!