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I have been playing around with some Indian embroidery stiches and am particularly taken with herringbone circles. By adding to a relatively simple (once you know how!) stitch with some beads and sequins you can get quite 'blingy' little motifs!

Herringbone circle stitch 

This is the stitch with a few French knots added to it (in green)...

...and this is the same stitch with lots of bling!

Indian circle motifs

It's fun to play around with stitches and see what you can create without the pressure of having to make a perfect/finished/planned piece. You never know what you might discover! This is the same stitch but this time with a shisha mirror in the centre and the herringbone worked tightly together....

Shisha mirror sample

How to work Herringbone circles:

Lightly draw yourself a circle on the fabric then another one a little to the outside of this as in the diagram (drawing around coins works well). Start your stitch with half a cross between the two circles going down into the fabric on the outer circle. Come up on the outercircle to make the second arm of the cross but take your thread down into the middle of the circles. Don't pull all the way through but bring the needle up inside the thread on the inner circle. Repeat by stitching the first arm of the next cross stitch. It's complicated to describe but hopefully you should be able to work it out from the diagrams below! Have fun...

Herringbonce circles stitch diagram

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  1. Sarah

    Thanks Thearica, I will be sure to take a look! I am presuming I can follow a link to your blog through Stitchin Fingers...I'll get back to you if I can't!

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  2. Thearica Burroughs

    I just saw your peacock on the Stitchin Fingers site! oh wow!! It is so gorgeous! I wanted to personally invite you to my blog to read about a crazy quilt show I am hosting starting on Feb 1. I would love to see you participate!

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  3. Sarah

    Just looked and that's a great variation! I can see how you could add picots and beads to it already (off the buttonhole part of the stitch). Might have a go...

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  4. Elmsley Rose

    Did you see the buttonhole over herringbone in my latest post entry? I like this variation too :-) Because I've only been doing embroidery for 3.5 years, I've been learning stitches as I go along. That means that I learn herringbone stitch only the other day, yet can do far more complicated stitches, in goldwork threads for example. Ass-backwards, you might say. Do you know about the Embroidery A-Z books? (There seem to be 2). I've seen people come up with some very interesting stitches and reference these books. I'm interested in variations and traditional styles of the older stitches.

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