'The big draw' sketchbook, part three

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Well after a few days of not even picking my sketchbook up, I managed to make up for the shortfall in drawings today! More on how I did that after a few pages from earlier on in the week: 

Terracotta figures sketch     Bull sketch

Terracotta figurines and bull

So, I'm up in Rugby teaching and had a day off today, so I spent some time in Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum. The following are sketches of sculptures by Degas and Picasso (even without my annotations, I think it is obvious which is which!)

Degas sketch 1  

 degas sketch 2

degas sketch 3     degas sketch 4

And now for the Picasso ones!

Picasso sketch 1   Picasso sketch 2

And there is still more! But I'll post those tomorrow....

After the museum, it was off for some lunch then a walk around the market to buy sparkly things!

 Sparkly purchases