National Doodle Day!!!

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More on that in a moment, I would just like to welcome anyone who has come from 'The Unbroken Thread', I hope you enjoyed reading all about my embroidery and my inspirations and I hope my website inspires you even further. If you haven't read my interview yet with Kathy Andrews from The Unbroken Thread, you can read it, lots of other information and Kathy's wonderful projects by clicking on the image below:

The unbroken thread

If you are looking for the new newsletter, it's still on the 'press' but should be with you by the end of the weekend! In it you can read all about beetle wing embroidery, check out a community seaside project, learn a new tip in my new 'Top tips!' feature and read about an artist in this issues A-Z of art.

If you are a regular visitor to my website, Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter you won't have failed to notice pictures of beautiful beetlewings. If you haven't seen them yet, then it give me a great chance to post yet another picture of them!

Beetle Wings

You can now buy your very own beetle wings from my shop. Pre-drilled wings also available ready for you to stitch on! Click here. My shop is also now available on my new look Facebook page! Visit here.

Now for 'National Doodle Day'! Even though it is National Doodle Day today, it isn't too late to get involved. It's simple: draw a doodle, pay £1 to the charity Epilepsy Action, send in your doodle and have the chance of winning some great prizes! You can also look into the deeper meanings of what your doodle might say about your personality, play doodle games, have a giggle at lots of other peoples doodles and even bid on a celebrity drawn doodle in an auction! To get involved click on the image below and get doodling for a good cause!

Nationl doodle day logo