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  1. Some of the items on display at the Battets Russe exhibition, V&A museum, London.

    Scenery painting, Ballets Russe

    This is the design for a back cloth from 'L'oiseau de feu' for the betrothal and coronation scene.

    Rites of Spring, costumes from the Ballets Russe

    These costumes were used in the production of the dancer Nijinsky's ballet 'Le Sacre du Printemps'.

    Stravinsky cartoon, from Ballets Russe Exhibition

    I loved this cartoon of the composer Igor Stravinsky playing the music for above mentioned ballet. His music was purportedly hard to dance to being very jerky and with constant changes in time. You can see the pain in the dancers faces behind him as they try to keep up!

  2. Had a day out at the V&A this week, specifically to see the Ballets Russe exhibition. All about Serge Diaghilev and his greatest acheivement, his dance company the Ballets Russe, this exhibition contains scenery, music, paintings, sketches and of course some costumes from the Ballets themselves. Here are some quick costume sketches of my own:

       Ballet Russe sketch 2Ballet Russe sketches1

    This exhibition is a fantastic mix of different creative that came together to make productions that revolutionised early 20th Century arts. It's a must see ( and a great escape from the retail frenzy of this time of year!) and is on until January 9th.

    See the next post for some images from the exhibition!

  3. Joined another life drawing session at short notice last week. The class was busy which hindered where I could stand, well were I wanted to stand anyway! On reflection this was a good thing because I had to draw the angle I got; and what I got was a twisted torso and lots of fore shortening!

    Life drawing 2

    I normally leave out the parts I'm not very good at (feet and heads!) but model Mark had excellent foppish hair that I couldn't resist. Still left out his face though...