A trip to Durham

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I've just spent a few days in Durham with Tracy A Franklin assessing some students work for the RSN. It was fun to explore a new place, see Tracy in her great studio space and to stumble across Anglo Saxon Embroideries in Durham Cathedral museum. The embroideries are part of a set of vestments found in St Cuthberts tomb and date from the early 10th Century. They are still in fabulous condition considering their age. They are the oldest known hand embroideries in England (older than the 11th Century Bayeux Tapestry) so well worth the £3 entry fee to the museum to see if you are passing by.

      St Cuthberts vestment embroidery     Durham Cathedral

      Durham river view    Door knocker, Durham Cathedral

The door knocker above is the Sanctuary door knocker on the Cathedral door. In the middle ages the Cathedral provided a refuge for fugitives. Anyone who had committed a serious offence could claim sancturay by knocking on this door. They were given 37 days to organise their affairs then they had to decide to either stand trial or to leave the country by the nearest port...