A snapshot of Egyptian painting

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I spent a very happy few hours at the British Museum at the weekend visiting the 'Shakespeare: Staging the world Exhibition'. It's on until the 25th of November so you still have time to see, amongst other things, Guy Fawke's lantern, a coin cast by Brutus on the death of Caesar and a 1600's bed valance looking as good as the day it was woven!

I also had the chance to look through a few of the rooms and came across these wonderful Egyptian painting objects:

Egyptian paint

Paint: Ancient samples of red ochre, Egyptian blue and green grit

Egyptian paint brushes

Paint brushes made from palm fibre, stained with ancient paint and bitumen

Egyptian paint box

Painter's pallette inscribed with the names of two royal scribes Amenotep and Minnakht.

 When you see these things and then look at Egyptian paintings, they are even more inspiring! These items are on permanent display in the Egyptian galleries at the museum.