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Had a fabulous birthday present from my sister this week, I asked for a clothkits skirt but when she realised there was a 3 week lead time on the order she decided to make one herself! Here is the kit in its box:


She made hen, chicks and egg shell printing blocks herself, hand printed the fabric herself, adapted a skirt pattern to one I liked, made up the kit and wrote making up instructions! What an amazing and personal present. It's almost too nice to make up but she will be cross if I don't!

I'll post a picture of the finished skirt when it's done...

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  1. Sarah

    I know you can do lots of stuff, Just trying to make Jacs feel better about not having a sister!

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  2. Caroline

    I did make a kitchen worktop and drawers once... sisters are not just there for the fabric things in life!

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  3. Sarah

    Jacs, Brothers are handy for ripping out kitchens though...

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  4. Caroline

    I'd just like to point out this was my tribute to Clothkits and in no way a copy!:)

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  5. Jacqui McDonald

    Oh, that is so cool, I wish I had a sister.

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