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You may or may not have heard of the 'Campaign for Drawing', you may however, have heard of 'The Big Draw'. It's a yearly event with the claim of the largest drawing festival in the world! There are lots of activities to get involved with, for your nearest one check the Campaign for drawing website below.

Rugby Big Draw event

I will be teaching the RSN certificated course at the Rugby Library and Art Gallery Big Draw event on the 15th October. My class will be a living installation for artist Morgan O'Hara who is going to draw us! If you happen to be in Rugby on the 15th October, pop into the library and see her in action (and us too!). More information on this specific event can be found here.

For country wide events and lots more information on the 'Campaign for Drawing' ("The Campaign's work will finish when the words 'I can't draw' are dropped from our vocabulary!") visit their website here:

 I am always trying to encourage my students to draw where possible (some of you may be smiling as you read this! You know who you are....) and believe that with some help, guidance and encouragement everyone can do it! I thought it would be a good opportunity to brush up on my own drawing skills as drawing is something that easily gets pushed aside to answer e-mails, pack orders, run classes and make kits. I am, therefore, planning to do a drawing every day that The Big Draw is running (that's the whole of October by the way!). I am also planning to post them all here although I might not manage to do that every day. There is nothing like practice to improve your skills so check in regularly to see if my drawing is improving!!! I have even made myself a sketchbook for the purpose....

Big Draw sketchbook     Big Draw sketchbook open