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Well the seasonal festivities are coming to a close and it's time to think about getting those decorations down and get going on all those new projects you have been planning! I enjoyed some time to work on some personal projects over the Christmas period; the ones that there is never time for in the working week! You can see some of these on my facebook page here but there is a preview of my Spellbound beaded dragon necklace below.They all seem to involve beads!

Booking for the new classes at Rufford Abbey will open this month. Two for you beginners out there this season: a beginners embroidery class and a half day workshop where you can have a go at goldwork embroidery. So if you have always wanted to have a go this is the perfect opportunity. The classes are very informal, and I'll guide you every step of the way so if you have never even picked up a needle there is no need to worry, I will be right by your side!

Classes continue at Lincoln castle, where there are still a few places available. For more information and booking on all my classes, just click here

We are excited to be starting the distance learning classes with earnest this month so keep up with the progress on the dedicated distance learning class page here. We hope to release more details and booking information very soon.

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  1. sue dulle

    I am studying goldwork embroidery and would like to know your thoughts on how to care for and store gold threads. Thank you. Hi Sue, Gold threads and metals specifically are best stored in an acid free bag (the sort film negatives are kept in) or acid free tissue paper (available in our shop) then these in a metal tin. This will slow down the tarnishing process (but won't stop it). Try not to handle the threads and metals anymore than you need to. Hope this helps! Kind regards Sarah

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