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  1. ScissorsI was tidying up my work area as I do occasionally, and I put eight pairs of scissors into a scissor block meant for 3 pairs! You will always help yourself if you have the right tools for the job, and scissors are one of those important but often overlooked tools of the needleworker.
    I have scissors for fabric, scissors for paper, pinking shears, embroidery scissors, goldwork scissors, small craft scissors and spares that I'm not sure what they are for anymore!
    It also made an interesting installation...
  2. Hopefully it Pink peg project will be great! Thankyou Jean for this great idea: To make the following doll project and then all swap dolls!  Like artists trading cards but with dolls...they will be artist trading pegs then...
    This is a simple doll to make and I will show you how to do it step by step. Go to my peg doll blog to see the materials you will need and we will get going soon...
    To see lots of Jeans exciting work visit her at
  3. Peg doll groupI was just updating my peg doll blog with an image of some dolls that arrived on my doorstep this morning (in the post not under their own steam!) I have been recently writing the colour section for the silk shading book and noticed that I, completely subconsciously, arranged the dolls in a rough colour wheel order! There was no thought about it, I took them out of the box and laid them out for a quick photo. I like little moments like that!