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  1. I am now on Twitter! I add to this website frequently and thought I could tweet the latest additons as I make them, so why not check out my page and be the first to the free stuff, first to sign up to new classes, and first to new shop stock!

    Twitter image website

    Anyone who knows me knows I'm not much of a fan of Facebook (understatement!), but Twitter seems a bit more intuitive and a place to share useful happenings. I update this site regularly so why not check on Twitter to see what I've added?

    Find me by searching for SarahHomfray (no spaces) or click on Sarah Homfray now Tweets!. The best bit though (unlike Facebook), you don't have to sign up to read my tweets!

  2. Went out to a local DIY store to buy paint and came back with a book on Japanese Temari! They have a table of second hand items by the door and a bucket to give a donation to charity in exchange for the items. The book is much more interesting than the paint! Perhaps I will have a go in my copius amounts of spare time (still got my birthday skirt kit to make up).

    Temari book      Temari balls

  3. I bought these little chaps when on holiday in Madeira a few years ago:

    Madeira souvenir

    They are only about an inch high, and definately handmade although I'm not sure how! They almost look like they have been stitched then cut out but as you can see, the arms are tiny! I feel a challenge coming on....

    Madeira produces some amazing embroidery. The work is done by ladies in their homes to a very high standard but alas the art is dying out. The book is to be recommended (I have it!). I will post some details from it in another post.To see more about Maderian embroidery visit:

    Bordal's embroidery

  4. Just in case you haven't seen them, there are a few new additions to the site this week. Firstly, there are new peg doll kits in my shop:

    Spotty peg doll kits

    Suitable for beginners, they come in a variety of colours and would make great Christmas stocking fillers! They are priced at £5.50 and you can buy from my shop.

    I have also added a guest book which is waiting for some signatures! So if you enjoy visiting my website, why not leave me a message? I work hard at keeping it fresh and up-to-date, writing my free newsletter, and posting stuff on my blog; it would be great to know that readers are enjoying it! You can find it on the contact page or just click on the following link:  Guestbook

  5. I try to stay focused but I can't help but be enticed by new things to have a play with. Recent items have including french knitting spools, shrink plastic and miniature pegs! Today was one of those days and on a trip to my second home (Hobbycraft) for supplies, I found Mirror Mosaics:Mirror mosaics

    I'm always partial to shiny sparkly things and these caught my eye as a cross between shisha mirrors and mosaic tiles. They are only diddy at 5mm square and all I have to do now is find something to stick them on...

    I was good though, I put back the V&A Quilt Exhibition printing blocks and the Gliterrati faceted gems! Until next time anyway...