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» Listings for January 2011

  1. There are lots of new things happening on my website this month:

    Check out a new creative collaboration with my sister Caroline called Twin Needle. We will be combining our creative knowledge to bring classes and creative services. See what we will be up to at our new website:

    I have also started some new 'How to...' videos. See the first of these here, or you can also view on YouTube. A great way to learn embroidery! The shop now has a variety of needles available to help you, and prick and pounce kits are also available again

    And lastly, I've added some new pictures to my art gallery page. These aren't new pieces, but they can feel like new when you haven't seen them for a while! See one of them, 'Storm in a teacup' below:

    Storm in a teacup - etching

  2. This is the Jacobean piece we will be stitching on the crewelwork taster day coming to Rugby in March and April:

    Crewelwork flower

    We will learn some basic embroidery stitches with the option to turn your piece into a scented sachet if you wish, so why not join myself and Nikki Jarvis for these fun taster days in hand embroidery!

    For more information and to book, see the classes page.

  3. Imperial Chinese robes from the Forbidden City - V&A, London.

    This exhibition features costumes and textiles from the Forbidden City, Beijing. The items were worn by Emperors and Empresses of the Qing Dynasty and this is the first time they have been on display in Europe, so this is a fantastic opportunity to see these works of art.

    Empress' festival robe

    If you look carefully at the above picture you will see that this robe is actually embroidered on the front and the back. The background fabric is not actually yellow, the yellow that you see is all embroidery! Every inch of this is covered in satin and long and short stitch in silk floss threads; anyone who has ever done any embroidery should appreciate the volume of work in this garment. My mind was certainly boggled by it...

    The exhibition is on until the 27th February and costs just £5 (£3 concessions), worth every penny!

    Woman   Woman

     More items on display

  4. Live in the Rubgy area? Fancy having a go at some embroidery? The silk bag below is one of the projects we will be stitching in  a series of one day taster classes (we will stitch the flower in the class and I will give you instructions on how to make up the bag, don't worry it is very simple!):

    Silk shaded Fuchsia bag

    So why not join myself and Nikki Jarvis for four days of taster classes brought to you by  the Royal School of Needlework? Click here for more details.

  5. Why not join me and my sister Caroline, in April for a class in customising your clothing? We will show you how to make simple changes to your clothes to turn them into a personal and unique garment!

    Customising Cloth

     We we also show you how to use left over pieces of fabric, what you can do with clothes that don't fit as well as looking at other items such cushions, bags, scarves and rugs. And it's not just for the girls; guys bring along your shirts, ties, waistcoats and scarves and we can transform those too!

    Some techniques we will be looking at:
    •    Block printing and stencilling
    •    Fabric manipulation – Flowers, leaves and Suffolk puffs
    •    Embellishing with beads, sequins and buttons
    •    Decorative bindings
    •    Appliqué
    •    Construction of simple accessories and furnishings


    So join us for two days of fun and creativity. Our fist class is being held at the Royal School of Needlework, based a Hampton Court Palace, Surrey on 19th and 20th April 2011. Visit here for more details and to book.