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» Listings for May 2011

  1. Managed a trip to the Asian Art Museum during my visit to San Francisco this year. What a great museum, just the right size to have a wander through all the galleries without getting 'museumitus' (you know, when your legs ache and you can't possibly take in one more beautiful object)!

    Some highlights for me were:

    Wicker Buddha   Ivory carving    Jade carving

    Wicker Buddha; Ivory Tusk carving; Jade Buddha

    And there was some great embroidery too!

    Korean embroidered wrapping cloth     Silk Kimono     Woman

    Korean wrapping cloth; Silk kimono; womens clothing from SE Asia

    If you can't visit personally, check out the collection on their website: Asian Art Museum

  2. I have just arrived back from nearly 3 weeks in America, to find the first copy of my book on the doorstep!

    Silk shading book cover   SIlk shading endless ocean project

    Signed copies will be available to buy in June from my shop and look at for silk shading kits also. More about San Francisco later....