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» Listings for March 2012

  1. There is now an extensive range of goldwork supplies in my shop. Just added are:

    Tweezers, mellors, soft string, yellow felt and scissors:

    Curved tweezers   Mellor point 

    yellow soft string

    Yellow felt   Milanese scissors

    Don't forget your actual gold! I have Japanese thread, checks, pearl purl, rococco and coloured purls and you'll be needing that beeswax and one of those velvet boards too! Look out for coloured Japanese thread coming soon....

  2. Cotton Herringbone Tape is now available again in the shop! Use this tape when you frame up an embroidery slate or rollerframe, to enable you to pull your fabric super tight. Don't forget to use a bracing needle (new stock just arrived) to string up your frame! Tape available by the metre, bracing needles singly. Buy both here!

    Bracing needle in action

  3. and purple coloured metal purls for goldwork and beadwork (Brown already available). Cut them up and thread them onto a thread as you would for a bead. Click here to see more about these items.

    Bag of pink purls     Bag of purple purls    Bag of brown puls

    Don't forget a velvet board to keep them on while you work! Two types available, the original velvet board and a deluxe version. Click here for more details

    Creative Goldwork Detail

    Pink and gold purls

    Carnival mask, detail, 2006