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» Listings for May 2012

  1. Firstly apologies if you have been trying to view the galleries and just got a big exclamation mark! The technical hitch has now been fixed!

    Secondly I just wanted to let you know there are more items in the shop waiting to embellish your work! Now available: sew on coins in gold and silver, jars of seed beads and tubs of sequins both in various colours.

     Silver coins 

    Tub o sparkles

    Jar of jewels - colours

    Browse these items here!

  2. Ok it's a little late but this special Jubilee edition is still in time for the jubilee!!!

    May_june newsletter cover

    As well as an insight into the Queen's Coronation robe there is a link to lots of Jubilee events to get involved in. For those of you not in the United Kingdoms, enjoy the article on American artist Georgia O'Keeffe in this issues A-Z of art and some creations of Jean Paul Gaultier to inspire you! Click on the image above to read the May/June issue of Aurata Embroidery.

    There are new items making their way into the shop this week including 'tub o' sparkles!' and 'jar of jewels'! Visit the shop to see what they are!

  3. I've been in San Fransisco for two weeks (see some of the highlights below) but now I'm back and have a pile of work to do which means lots more for you! The new newsletter will be out this week, and there are more items waiting to go in the shop. There are yet more new pictures of your work on display (keep them coming!) and I hope to add more videos this month of some of the goldwork techniques. If you are enticed by the gold metals in the shop but not sure what to do with them, then keep an eye out for these!

    San Fran sunrise     San Fran, Walking a coast trail     San fran, Jp gaultier

    Sun rise over the bay, a view of the Golden Gate bridge, the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition