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» Listings for March 2014

  1. Well it's been a busy few months and time for an update! We have finally made our move from Kent up to Nottinghamshire and are enjoying settling into our new home. We have spent the last few months catching up on restocking the shop and are even managing to add new goldwork items! We can't keep high stocks of the gold metals as they tarnish if they sit around for too long so don't worry if something you want shows as out of stock, it will be back in very soon. 

    Our next project is to build a new studio space out in the garden (the house was chosen with this purpose in mind!). When this is done, the distance learning courses will go full steam ahead which we are very excited about. We have had lots of interest in this and can't wait to launch our first class; thankyou to all those who are raring and ready to go, for your patience! The move also allows us to get on with more 'How to videos' for which we don't need to wait until the studio is finished...part four, Couching goldwork threads, is in production at long last! If you haven't seen parts 1-3, you can see them here. The pearl purl is popular with views climbing up to nearly 50,000 last time I checked!

    A new free embroidery design has just been added to the 'Free stuff' page, so if you are stuck for something to work why not try this beautiful flower? You can see a video of my version of it here, but I can see it working really well in a blackwork technique. Here is my original coloured drawing:


    Aquilegia caerulea, coloured pencil. 2012