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  1. ..there is more embroidery and art stuff on my facebook page! Creative moments and observations, lots of inspiring pictures, things to go and see and what's happening on a more day to day basis. Why not check it out and have a look at Admiral Lord Nelson's embroidered bed drapes!!! I'm not joking.

    Just click HERE!

    Facebook image june12

  2. The celebrations continue, with the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. Living in Rochester, it was impossible to avoid the activities so we headed down to Rochester castle for the festival parade of Dickens characters and marching bands.

    There were hundreds of people dressed up, some more authentically than others! I'll let you decide which are which. Each set of characters were from a different Dickens novel. Lets start with some down and outs!

    Dickens Festival 1   Dicken festival fagan

    Dickens festival soldiers   Dickens festival ladies

    Dickens festival more ladies    Dickens Festival down and outs

    Dickens Characters in front of Rochester Castle with authentic fairground in the background!

    Dickens festival castle

    The parade over, the characters paraded in front of the Mayor and the great great grandson of Charles Dickens himself, Gerald Dickens (3rd from left)

    DIckens festival Gerald Dickens

  3. Jubilee bunting

    I don't think it matters where in the world you are, you can't have missed Her Majesty The Queen's Jubilee celebrations! Avoided heading into London for the pageant mainly due to the weather but did go to the local beacon lighting last night. 4000 beacons were lit all over the commonwealth; this was the one outside Buckingham Palace...

    BP jubilee beacon

    This was the one from The Great Lines, Chatham, Kent!

    Chatham Jubilee Beacon

    Ok, ours was a bit more rustic, but hey! We got some fireworks though and saw 3 other beacons from the top of The Great Lines.

    Jubilee fireworks

    The celebrations are still going on today but some of us have work to do! More orders to go out and then I'm heading up to Rugby ready to teach tomorrow...